Two BIHSENA courses were organised in Tomsk, Russia

In March and April 2018 two BIHSENA courses ran in Tomsk, Russia, organised by National Research Tomsk State University in collaboration with Siberian State Medical University and Maastricht University. First course "Innovations for the health of people and society" was implemented for the second time and was coordinated by Olga Zvonareva, Maria Shevchenko and Olga Ustyuzhantseva. The course offers diverse learning formats, including problem-based tutorials, lectures, talks by innovators from diverse health-related fields, practicums and a group project and consistently attracts many participants.

The second course "Integrative approaches to healthcare organization" was taught the first time and was coordinated by Evgenia Popova. It proved to be a course of innovative thinking about future of health care for the participants.

Both of the courses involved learners from diverse backgrounds including students in social science and medicine, as well as medical practitioners, nurses, and social scientists and, thus, accompishing the project ambition of bridging different disciplines.