About the project


This project seeks to improve quality and relevance of education in the area of health, innovations and society in Ukraine and the Russian Federation and to support its internationalisation.

More specifically, the project aims to:

Create graduate and post-graduate education opportunities in Russian and Ukrainian universities in the interdisciplinary field of health, innovations and society. These new education opportunities will be adequately preparing professionals to work for citizens' health under conditions of rapid technological change and increasing need for interdisciplinarity and internationalisation. BIHSENA project will provide training for teaching staff in student-centred education, ICT-technologies and English language skills, and bring together diverse expertise and experience of the consortium members to develop relevant high quality curriculum in Ukrainian and Russian Universities as well as open interuniversity online courses. The education programmes and courses prepared during this project will prepare professionals – in the field of medicine, public health, social sciences and social policy - to work under conditions of transition, to effectively govern health reforms/innovations and to conduct the kind of interdisciplinary research that is needed to adequately inform policy- and decision-making for people’s health. Through realizing this aim, the project will build the capacity of higher education institutions in Ukraine and Russia to respond to transformations in medicine and health sector and in wider social environments.

Closely related to the first aim is the second aim:

To establish opportunities for communication and engagement between scholars and practitioners in various health-related fields within Ukraine, Russia and internationally. Bridging disciplines, professions and sectors is necessary to early diagnose problems with respect to specific innovations and policies, and to promote more thorough and responsive approaches to health issues in the two countries. To contribute to closing existing gaps between disciplines and sectors, this project will organize events bringing together scholars and practitioners in various health-related fields, including social sciences, public health and medicine, and will create and support an interdisciplinary network in the field of health, innovations and society. Through realizing this aim, the project will enable fruitful exchange between disciplines, fields and geographical locations and cooperation for more effective health solutions and more nuanced understanding of intersections of people’s health, advances in science and technology and governance approaches.