BIHSENA will organise a content deliberation meeting in Bulgaria

18 June 2016 to 22 June 2016

On June 18-22 representatives of the BIHSENA consortium will meet in a Bulgarian village Zheravna to work on the content of new educational programmes being developed within the framework of the project.

The programme of this content deliberation workshop consists of three parts. The first part involves problem-based learning sessions, lectures and group discussions devoted to the recent insights from the interdisciplinary field of health, innovations and societies. The topics include critical approaches to epidemiology and metrics of disease; current health systems transition; recent perspectives on definitions, processes and implications of innovations for health; developments in governance of health care; roles of publics in public health. The second part focuses on competence-based education and specification of competences for professionals working in health, innovations and society domain. The final, third, part of the workshop consists of presentations and discussions of the new course syllabuses being prepared by BIHSENA consortium members.