Medical University Plovdiv is to join BIHSENA as an associated partner

22 June 2016

In the course of an interdisciplinary open workshop on Bridging health, innovations, and societies held in Medical University Plovdiv, an agreement was reached to involve Medical University Plovdiv in BIHSENA consortium as an associated partner.

The workshop was opened with a set of talks by representatives of Medical University Plovdiv on the university itself and its role in improving health of the population. The discussion further moved into the topic area of contribution of different disciplines, including clinical medicine, sociology, and healthcare medicine, into ways of improving health. Speakers, including Donka Dimitrova and Georgi Ivanov shared their views and experiences in this regard, including interdisciplinary approaches to research and education practiced in Medical University Plovdiv. BIHSENA members then spoke about improving the relevance and quality of education in the field of health, innovations, and society and BIHSENA aims in this domain. Promising points of collaboration between Medical University Plovdiv and BIHSENA consortium were identified in the course of ensuing discussion.