School of epidemiology and mixed methods research for young scientists, Russia

On November 3-4, 2017, the School of epidemiology and mixed methods research for young scientists took place at the Siberian State Medical University. 

BIHSENA prject members contributed to the preparation and implementaton of the School in line with one of the core aims of BIHSENA: to establish opportunities for communication and engagement between scholars and practitioners in various health-related fields. Bridging disciplines, professions and sectors is necessary to early diagnose problems with respect to specific innovations and policies, and to promote more thorough and responsive approaches to health issues.

The school brought together scientists from epidemiology and social science in order to allow young researchers to learn about interdisiplinary approaches to study health problems. After the completion of the school, 26 young researchers received certificates from the Siberian State Medical University, Maastricht University, the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute and BIHSENA project.