Results WP2. Health and medicine in society

This course is designed to sensitize the students (of various Bachelor programs) with the issues of health and care services

The course is focused on innovative, modern and very practical decisions and approaches in health and care globally and regionally. This course is a newly introduced additional unit to the Sociology of Health BA academic cycle that offers insight into a series of complex issues dealing with the interface between the society and human physical and mental well-being. Throughout the duration of the course we focus on practicalities as well as consider some theoretical perspectives. In particular, we discuss myths and truth in health and care services as well as the importance of intersectorial approach while considering health. The weekly meetings will also include discussions of the essential components of the health care system of Ukraine and of significant political, economic, contextual and historical influences on the shaping of the Ukrainian health and care system. Revealed within focus-groups with bachelor program students, the course materials include topics on various aspects of health, i.e. vision of computer users, immunization, stomach health and self-treatment, care services (communication with doctor, quality and satisfaction with the services and medicines consumption) and system-related topics on financing. The course employs innovative (modern and evidence-based and the latter is already innovation for Ukrainian audience) knowledge and educational format, however we do not specifically go deeper in innovations due to the basic level of the course content.