Results WP2. Healthcare management

Effective management of the health care facility requires thorough knowledge is this field. Lack of health managers trained by international standards is highly relevant - health care system in Ukraine is in the stage of transformation and demands skilful managers. 

Despite the high demand, the course "Management in health care" is not included into the under- or postgraduate medical education of all specialities. Doctors are getting specialization in health care management only in case they are about to get a position of the chief physician or his deputy, however this knowledge is important for every doctors, regardless the position and working experience for developing understanding of changes needed in the field, modern approaches in governance of the hospitals and its units, for successful realization of innovations according to the directions of reforms that had been chosen by the government in Ukraine.  

Our target audience is clinical interns. They were chosen because according to the recent legislation if in a future doctors are willing to get positions of the managers in the field, head of the departments, for example, they need to pass clinical internship in the past. So they are future managers in the health care facility. As well this audience is covering variety of different clinical specializations - they are family doctors, surgeons, therapists and other narrow specialists. Another benefit of this group is that they have working experience and had noticed the mistakes of the managers in health care field, they willing to be better and contribute in building of the strong modern health care system. The topics that will be covered by the course will give the necessary knowledge in theory and practice of the health care management, will help them to learn how to develop their leadership skills, how to use psychology in effective governance and what approaches are used in the world to lead the health care unit or institution to success, to improving quality of health services and improve health of the population.